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Anwesh Rath

This looks seriously slick. Am looking forward to trying it out.... Thanks for a great plugin at a great price.

Justin Wheeler

This plugin is awesome! Sherman had some really clever ideas on this one. Not only can we rate it, share it but also add to users circle of group. That will give your site authority and attention. There is so much potential in how you want to take this. Buy it, run it and tailor it to your needs!


Sherman, you guys are really throwing everything at this.

I am very pleased to be in on this and now blown away with what you are offering as free upgrades.

Thanks heaps for what your doing.


PS: Thanks also for quickly addressing my earlier tech issue.

Dear Struggling Internet Marketer,

By now you have probably come to realize that creating profitable niche sites it not as easy as the so called (GURUS) claim it is...

Many frustrating late nights can be spent searching out, scouring over, and posting content that will captivate your audience and potential customers …

But this is something you must do to in order for your site to be successful.


Because... Content is King!

In 2016 nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes better content than Video!

Videos can quickly capture attention & motivate audiences to take action... This is a proven fact..

People also love to share videos, which often times make them go VIRAL and if that occurs the video can be viewed by millions of people in a very short amount of time...

How Would You Like to Tap into the Extraordinary Power of Viral Videos Without Doing a Bit of the Hard Work Yourself?

I want to let you in on a little secret...

You DON'T even have to create these Viral Videos by yourself.

As a matter of fact, you can legitimately & ethically borrow other people's Red Hot video content and use it on your OWN site to earn profits over and over again..

This is simply called Curation...

Many top sites around the World use this same business model to earn millions of dollars per year!

After All... Curated Content it is Good for Everyone...


Searching for, evaluating, curating and then finally posting this 'sure to convert' viral video content to your sites TAKES WAY TOO MUCH TIME!

As well all know time is money... It is the single one human asset that we can never replace..

Yes, there are automated posting tools out there, but most are outdated, (buggy) or produce sub-par results even though they can cost a small fortune to use!

With this in mind we set out to create a tool that could do all of the mind numbing work of building a professional, profit pumping niche video in just a fraction of the time you can do it manually...

Then we decided we could take it even further and make it (point and click easy) to earn real passive profits from your new site with built in (1 click) monetization templates you can deploy in mere seconds...

Finally we decided to take it even further by making it affordable enough for ANYONE!


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  • Never before seen Facebook video site builder plugin quickly creates fully loaded affiliate/product based video sites with 1 click of the mouse
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  • With Hyper-Speed interaction patterns corresponding with Facebook's API, it literally takes only a few short minutes to create multiple unique video sites in any niche …
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Unique Profit-Pulling Wordpress Plugin.

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No More Spending Frustrating Days 7 Nights Building Niche Affiliate Sites Manually That Fail to Get You Positive Results...

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Sites such as BUZZFEED, THE HUFFINGTON POST, UPWORTHY, 9GAG, Buzzle and SO MANY More Receive MILLIONS of Website Visitors Per Month.

Guess What???

They embed viral video content on their sites they didn't create...

These are high powered, authority sites that are thriving.. This shows you exactly just how POWERFUL & PROFITABLE proper video curation potentially can be...

If you give people VALUABLE content they want, they will Like it & be willing to share it, even if you didn't create the original content on your own..

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Bonus #1) Extreme Video Theme Bundle [Valued @ $114]
Bonus #2) Sound Stash Script [Valued @ $47]
Bonus #3) 50 HD Royalty Free Videos [Valued @ $27]
Bonus #4) 999 HD Clipart for Videos [Valued @ $17]
Bonus #5) 999 HD Stock Images [Valued @ $27]
Bonus #6) 999 HD Icons [Valued @ $17]
Bonus #7) Royalty Free Stock Music [Valued @ $47]
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Sherman Fredericksen

Vivek Sharma

Sujan Shrestha

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Q) Will this work on any site?

A) Viral FB Video Site Machine is a Wordpress plugin and therefore will only work on self hosted WP sites.. This is a simple process and the WP platform is 100% free and available to anyone online.

Q) Is this powerful tool Really Newbie-Friendly?

A) Yes. This tool was designed to be drop dead simple to use... The only thing required by you (the user) is to enter a few short details and clicking a mouse! The plugin does all the heavy lifting for you.

Q) How is this different than other auto posting software or ONLINE content creation tools?

A) Most of the current tools on the market are way overpriced or are cumbersome and hard to master.. The code in this the software is clean and error free.

Q) Is Viral FB Video Site Machine Compliant with Facebook's Terms of Service, Rules & Regulations?

A) Yes, 100% . All the data being fetched is compliant with all of Facebook's Requests.

Q) Is this plugin Compatible With WordPress Multi-Site?

A) Yes. it works seamlessly with WordPress MU

Q) Are There Any OTOs / Upsells?

A) Upon making your purchase, you will be presented with a chance to make a limited Upgrade that will include exclusive Developer License Offer. Also will be given an opportunity to get a very special deal on a 3 theme combo pack that will make your sites shine~ These purchases are completely optional but highly recommended..

Q) Do you provide quality support?

Y) Yes, we are the creators and developers of the plugin and stand behind our work 100%... That being said, we have full support and help available, for you, for any issue, 24x7 365 days a year ...